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he is innocent! My▓ father, my poor father, your Sarah ▓will not forsake you even now!” and she wep▓t again, but less painfully than before.▓ Startled as he was, Reuben could y▓et feel this was scarcely a re●solution to be kept, and with a▓rgument and persuasion sought to tur●n her from her purpose.Her

father co▓uld not need such sacrifice; how● could she aid him in his far distant dwelling●. “He has but me—he has but me!” she● reiterated; “who is

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there that● has claim enough to keep me from him I ●have thought a former trial hea●vy to be borne; but had it not been for● that, my poor father might have di▓ed in sin, for perhaps I could not h●ave come to him as

I did when f●ree.No, no, I was destined to ●be the instrument, in the hands of mercy, in b▓ringing him back to the God he had o●ffended, and I may do so still.Reub▓en, Reuben, who is there has such claim upo●n me, as my poor, poor father Others lo●ve me, and oh, God only knows how

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I lo▓ve them! but they are happy and prosperou●s, they do not need me.” “S●arah,” answered Reuben, his voice choked w▓ith emotion, “Sarah, you spoke of a former ▓heavy trial, one hard to bear.Oh, answer me●, speak to me! Was not I its caus▓e I deceived myself when I th●ought I had not injured your pea▓

ce when I wrecked my own.” “It matters ●little now,” replied Sarah, tur●ning from his look, while her cheek aga●in blanch

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ed to marble; “my path is marked o▓ut for me.I may not leave it▓, even to think of what has been or might be: i●t cannot, must not matter now.” “It mu▓st—it shall!” exclaimed Reuben, with mor●e than wonted impetuosity.“Sarah, Sarah, you a▓sk me who needs you as your father does—to whom● you can be as you are to him I answer, the●re is one, one to whom, as to you●r father, you have been

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a guardia●n angel, winning him back even by you●r memory, when far separated, to the ●God he had forsaken.I trampl●ed on the love I bore you

—my own▓ feelings as well as yours—to unite myself w▓ith a strange race, to bid all w●ho knew me ce

ase to regard me as a Jew.I soug▓ht to believe I had nothing to reproa▓ch myself with, as I had not caused you grief●, and

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